Karadayan Nombu

karadayan nombu

Karadayan Nombu also known as Savitri Nombu Vratam is a festival celebrated by married women, who pray for the well being of their husbands while the unmarried ones pray to get an ideal life partner. It is similar to Karva Chauth celebrated in North India.

On this day, women offer prayers for the longevity and well being of their husbands. Karadaiyan Nombu is observed on a chosen day when the transition takes place between two Tamil months, namely, Panguni and Massi. It is observed at the exact time when the Tamil month of Massi ends and the month of Panguni begins. In the Gregorian calendar, this festival falls in the month of March. Women observe a strict fast on this day and special feast is prepared for the occasion.

Women on this day worship Goddess Gowri and offer the Karadaiyan Nombu Naivedyam to please the Goddess. Special mantras are chanted at the time of offering the Karadai to Goddess Gowri. The puja of Karadaiyan NonqARV FZWQCFEDXSWZA l abu is performed at the specific time when Massi month ends and the month of Panguni just begins.


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