ayushya homam

Ayushya Homam

Ayushya Homam is performed to invoke the blessings of the archetype Ayur Devata, who can bestow you with longevity, good health, and grant relief from mental trauma. n nPerforming this Homam once a year can help to achieve your goals in the near term. The ritual is also recommended for the elderly and children suffering from severe health ailments.

Ayushya Homam is performed to get relief from incurable health ailments and enjoy success in your endeavors. Perform this sacred Homam to let the benign energy from the ritual permeate your being and make a remarkable recovery from illnesses. Our fully trained Vedic priest will perform the Ayushya Homam by chanting ayushya suktam. The period early in the morning before sunrise called Brahma Muhurtham is considered auspicious for performing this Homam. Any other auspicious horas are also conducive to perform the ceremony. Scheduling the Ayushya Homam on your birth star day is an excellent time to receive divine blessings for long and healthy life.

As per scriptures, performing Ayushya Homam according to the procedures prescribed in sacred texts can bestow the following blessings:

  • Grant relief from incurable illnesses
  • Help lead a long and healthy life
  • Offer protection from life threats
  • Grant relief from health problems can obtain
  • Gives peace and happiness
  • Attain material and spiritual blessings
  • Gain success in endeavors

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