manyu suktha homam

Manyu Suktha Homam

Manyu Suktha Homam, This suktha is found in the Rig Veda. Manyu means anger or temper. The hymn reveres the Supreme God Sriman Narayana in His avatar of Narasimha. But some reports claim that it can relate to any God that’s angry, such as Hanuman in Lanka or Lord Shiva when destroying evil. In modern times, it is being used to eliminate external disturbances like court cases and negative energies but in the real sense of the term, the Manyu Suktham removes internal conflicts like krodha (anger), lobha (greed), mada (arrogance), moha (desires) and maatsarya (jealousy).

Manyu Suktham is greatly revered and first line translates, ‘Oh god of anger with sharp nails..’, therefore, this hymn is dedicated to the Avatar God. In the classic epic Mahabharata, Bheema thought of Lord Narasimha and chanted this suktham while he tore apart Duryodhana. There’s an interesting tale of how this sukhta came into existence.The seer or mantra drashta of this suktha is Manyu, son of Tapo Muni.

There was an outbreak of civil war in the kingdom and a king of that time sought refuge in the Seer Manyu. He said that only the presiding deity of anger could relieve the king. The divine sage envisioned the suktha and immediately 14 riks (the Vedic verses with chandas or metres are called Rik) spurted out from him. This resulted in the enemies fleeing and the king was thus saved.

Perform Manyu suktha homam to get.

  • Eliminate enemies from your life forever.
  • These can be both internal and external.
  • Internal enemies can be emotions like anger, jealousy, sadness, arrogance, desires etc and external can be physical forces that cause major hurdles in your path to progress.
  • This homam also bestows internal strength and courage and provides ultimate Knowledge and Bliss.


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