pavamana homam

Pavamana Homam

Pavamana Homam performed for purification of our life with destroying our sins. The Homam is conducted especially as a parihara Homam for abolishing sins. Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Hanuman, Agnideva, Somadeva are propitiated and worshiped with kalasha pooja which is set up upon Rice mandala. Pavamana Panchasookta mantra is the main focus for destroying sins in this ritual along with individual shlokas for Mahavishnu.

There are 500+ Stranzas for Pavamana Pancha Sooktha and we should individually propitiate the primordial vedic gods Agnideva, Somadeva, Savitr, Apah and Ashta Vasus also. Pavamana is considered as Lord Hanuman in the Coastal Canara Region. Also in Dravidian Pavam means Sin and Mana means negate, hence technically Pavamana means negate sins according to Tamil. We have to provide Ksheeradhaanam (Milk), Ghrata dhaanam (ghee), makarandadhaanam (honey), phaladhanaam (fruits) in abundance to the teachers, purohits, good hearted needy people.

Pavamana mantras are the auspicious mantra when chanted it cleanses oneself from all sins and karmas.

  • Pavamana Homam destroy all your sins and past karmas
  • This Homam invites purity by cleaning your soul
  • It brings prosperity and wellbeing
  • It gives peace of mind and success in life
  • It helps to attain salvation or moksha


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