purusha suktha homam

Purusha Suktha Homam

Purusha Suktha gives a description of the spiritual unity of the universe. It presents the nature of Purusha, or the cosmic being, as both immanent in the manifested world and yet transcendent to it.

Purusha Suktha Homam is dedicated to the Purusha, the “Cosmic Being”. The verses of Purusha Sukta are definitely a reference to Vishnu, who, through his three steps, is all pervading (i.e. he spreads in all directions)”. Slightly different versions of the Sukta appear in different Vedas.

One version of the suktam has 16 verses, 15 in the anuṣṭubh meter, and the final one in the triṣṭubh meter. Another version of the Sukta consists of 24 verses with the first 18 mantras designated as the Purva-narayana and the later portion termed as the Uttara-narayana probably in honour of Rishi Narayana.


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