sri rudra homam

Sri Rudra Homam

Sri Rudra Homam are offered to Lord Shiva, to seek all necessary things like continued health, wealth and prosperity.Eleven Anuvakas of Sri Rudram and Eleven Anuvakas of Chamaka Prashna are chanted eleven times by eleven purohits

Sri Rudra Homam | Sri Rudram is a sacred hymn from the Vedas, dedicated as a prayer to archetype Rudra, a form of Lord Shiva, to transform from his fierce form to peaceful form and receive his blessings. This prayer has two parts, each of which is divided into eleven sections. The first part has verses ending with the term “Nama,” and hence this part is named ‘Namakam’ or ‘Rudram.’ The second part is named ‘Chamakam’ as the verses end with “Cha Me” which means “let this be granted to me.

According to sacred texts, chanting Rudram during the fire prayer can bring archetype Rudra to his peaceful state, and chanting Chamakam can submit our prayers and fulfill of wishes.

  • First – all-round development and well-being
  • Second – help overpower your enemies and possession of wealth
  • Third – a healthy life
  • Fourth – cure chronic diseases
  • Fifth – get rid of ignorance and avoid pregnancy-related problems
  • Sixth – win over enemies and expansion of wealth
  • Seventh – longevity and increase astuteness


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