chandra graha japam

Chandra Graha Japam

Chandra Graha Japam decreases the malefic effect and benefits the individual to a great extent. It neutralizes the negative effect and increases positive energy. Chandra Japa benefits in the life of an individual as it can remove all the mind problems and bring good spirit into life and remove mental problems. All the desires and success are being achieved in the life.

Chandra likewise called as Soma, portrays psyche and mind, affectability, delicate quality, states of mind, sentiments, feelings, friendship, likes, ruler and mother. At the point when Chandra is malefic or wrongly set in our horoscope or arranged in the fourth, sixth, eighth or twelfth house then it causes issues like Loss of memory, loss of certainty, menstrual inconveniences, breathing issues and ripeness issues.

Chandra Graha Japam is performed by summoning Chandra and reciting mantras for Moon-god to please the graha and the japam is executed according to the Shastras and Vidhan.


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