ketu graha japam

Ketu Graha Japam

Kethu Graha Japam - Performed when Kethuvu is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, He represents supernatural influences. Peedaa pariharaartha- do the 7000 Japas (JAPAM) .

Ketu Graha Japam is performed by summoning him and reciting mantras for him to please the graha according to the Shastras to dispose of the whole issue happening because of this dosha. He is the rest of the body some portion of the Asura Rahu. Ketu Graha speaks to the execution of the good and bad karmic collection.

It implies otherworldliness, edification, debasement, dividedness and so on. A malefic or wrongly set Ketu in our horoscope can be unforgiving and merciless. By playing out this Japam or Ketu Graha Shanti one accomplishes all the positive outcomes from Ketu.


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