shani graha japam

Shani Graha Japam

Shani is considered to be the indicator of misery, sorrow, death, restriction, longevity, leadership, integrity, wisdom, authority, humility. Saturn Planet is in black in colour and hence shows the darkside of the human beings such as conscience. Shani Graha Japam provides the immense benefit in the life of an individual by eradicating all the wealth and health problems and all the evil sprits are removed.

Shani Graha Japam can be performed during the Shani dosha to get rid of issues and the Law of karma practice. He is the symbol of karma, truthfulness, judgment, spiritual, intelligent and moreover. Shani gives struggles but, finally removes the bad karma in your life. His judgment of Karma’s law is to be the honor of karma performed.

Shani Graha is bad at the beginning of life but at the end of the period, you may get benefits.  According to the Vedic astrology remarks about the Shani Graha which symbolizes karma god and gives punishment depends on karma (actions/work performed by a person).


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