shukra graha japam

Shukra Graha Japam

Shukra Graha Japam Performed when Sukra (Venus) is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, Sukra represents wealth, pleasure and reproduction Peedaa pariharaartha- do the 20000 Japas (JAPAM) of Sukra Graha.

Shukra Graha Japam is performed by invoking Shukra and chanting mantras for Venus to please the Graham as per the shastras and vidhi. Sukra Graham or Venus planet is the son Rishi Bhrigu and is responsible for providing all comforts in one’s life if in good alignment. This Graham is mainly responsible for Romance, Beauty, passion, luxury, etc. If a person has Sukra dosha in their horoscope then it leads to loss of wealth, marital problems, loss of bodily luster.


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