rahu bruhaspathi sandhi shanti

Rahu Bruhaspathi Sandhi Shanti

Rahu Guru Sandhi Shanti is performed for overcoming all the problems coming during the Rahu Guru Sandhi. Performing this Shanti helps in maintaining good health and get the positive results of the respective grahas.

Rahu Bruhaspathi Sandhi Shanti | Rahu can cause all kinds of troubles like failures, illness, obstruction and confusion, and also causes further troubles in conjunction with Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Moon and Sun.A malefic Jupiter in the natal charts causes diseases of the chest, malfunctioning liver, diseases relating to gall bladder, pancreas and fat related problems like high cholesterol and diabetes.

When malefic Rahu comes in conjunction with a beneficial Jupiter certain negative consequences will surface for which the yagna must be performed.  These include loss of wealth to a person and professional downfall may occur. There are chances of premature death owing to bad health.nn

  • Prevents malefic effects of Rahu
  • Avoids negative influences of Guru
  • Elevates status in society
  • People with political career stand to gain
  • Premature death can be avoided
  • Invoke the blessings of Rahu and Guru


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