bhoomi pooja

Bhoomi Pooja

Bhoomi pooja is a ritual performed in honour of Goddess Bhoomi and Vastu Purush (deity of directions).Bhoomi means Mother Earth. Hence, this pooja eradicates the ill effects and Vastu doshas in the land.Beginning prior to the construction of any structure, this smoothes out the process of construction

Bhoomi Pooja always takes place in the north-east corner of the construction site or for good agricultural yield.This ritual is dedicated to Vastu Purusha, Goddess Bhoomi, Pancha boothas (the five elements of nature).This pooja takes place in accordance with Vastu Shastra.Also, the deity of directions is also honoured so as to eradicate the ill effects and Vaastu doshas in the land.

Bhoomi Pooja is performed by the head of the family alongside his wife in the guidance of an experienced priest

  • It is a priority to seek the blessings of Mother Earth prior to the construction of a building or use of land for the cultivation purpose.
  • This ritualistic pooja ensures that the land gets rid of the evils and the negativities from the land are reduced.
  • Moreover, the Bhoomi Pooja helps in the smooth completion of work without any hurdles.
  • It also guarantees the well being and happiness of the people ready to reside in the property. In the case of land use for the agricultural purpose then it helps to have better yields.
  • Bhoomi Pooja invokes the Vaastu Purusha who grants his blessings to the worshipper.


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