new office opening

New Office Opening

New Office Opening Pooja is a very special pooja which must be performed before embarking on the journey towards a successful business. Performing this pooja for one’s own business has many great benefits, which ensure that a secure future and great stability in business.In the new building or place many negative energies exist, by performing this pooja blessing of God is invoked to negate the power or influence of negative energies and brings success in the business.

New Office Opening Pooja is done for the new building or business to have a positive and fresh start to get all the success and happiness. Any negative forces existing in the place and the bad effects of the grahas are removed by performing this pooja.This pooja includes Ganesha pooja to remove all the obstacles and gain wisdom and Lakshmi pooja to gain all the auspiciousness and wealth and success in the business and Navagraha pooja and the Prasad is distributed to everyone in the office.

New Office Opening Pooja should be performed before the opening of any new office or business. An auspicious day can be selected compatible to once birth star to get the maximum benefit of this pooja.

  • Helps in getting rid of all the bad effects of the planets.
  • Gain in health and wealth and brings all the success to the new business.
  • Helps in creating a successful atmosphere and success in any project undertaken.
  • Get the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and all planets.


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