• Why srivarada.com?

    Srivarada.com offers Hassle-free Homams & Pujas at select cities across India by sending purohits to your location either for homes or for businesses. International customers enjoy the convenience of conducting the Homams & Pujas relish live stream, recorded videos or photographs of Homams & Pujas we perform on your behalf at our premises.

  • Where can I get more details of the Homam , Pooja or Ceremonies and reasons to do it?

    Navigate to home page and click on EXPLORE SERVICES BUTTON, you will see a list. Choose the right Homam,Pooja or Ceremonies for which you wish to know the details. We provide details of procedure, purpose and benefits.

  • What Will I Do If The Priest Is Not Coming On Time?

    Most of the time our Priests will be before the given time, but sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances priests will be a bit late but they will reach your place so you can be assured they will come.

  • What do you do in the homam?

    Normally,this is a fire ritual involving japa (chanting of moola mantra), avahana (invoking the Lord, Gods and Goddess), kalasha homam and several other vedic rituals others including sankalpam . Every homam begins with invoking Lord Ganesha and then the specialized moola mantra japam and other rituals . All your prayers are conveyed through the fire […]

  • What are Pujas and when are parihara Pujas undertaken?

    Pujas are a form of invoking divine blessings & favours or offering thanks to the Lord for all the good bestowed in our lives. Pujas are usually performed on significant days such as birthdays, anniversaries or festive / auspicious dates to invoke prosperity, longevity and good luck. Parihara Pujas are conducted for specific purposes when […]

  • What All Materials Will The Priest Bring Along With Him?

    Our Priests will bring all the pooja materials like Coconuts, Kalash, Dhoop, samith sticks, Navdhanyam, rice, dravyas,  ghee, darba, Camphor etc which is used in pooja/homam..Except Flowers and Fruits

  • What All Items I Need To Keep Ready For The Pooja, How Will I Know?

    As soon as you book the pooja by paying advance or full amount you will be receiving a To-do List in your email in few hours, which will clearly mention all the required items like deepam, matchbox, pooja bell, Mats ,bowls, trays etc you need to keep ready.

  • How do I sign into my account and/or edit the information in my account?

    “Log in to your account. Click the Profile icon next to “”Log out.”” To change any of your personal information, click any option and follow the steps provided. “

  • Do you share or sell customers’ personal information?

    All customer data are secure and kept confidential and is used only for the benefit and previlege of the customer

  • Can I book something that is not on your homam list?

    Yes you can contact our team and will be able to get back to you with sufficient notice on availablity and delivery.